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The building was of no use to the WTC complex, and it stood over 100 meters from the nearest surrounding buildings. Tower 7 was at most 10 meters high, but there were 4 levels above ground of WTC office space.

It had an area of just under 50,000 sq ft (4 floors @ 11,000 sq ft) on each floor. The first 2 floors on each side had exterior columns with some interior columns; floors 3-8 only had exterior columns; on the 9th floor an air shaft ran between all four sides. It had masonry walls with sprayed concrete for insulation on the interior and exterior walls. It was 116 metres long and 26.5 metres wide. The WTC towers were about 55 meters high, but they also had several levels of underground parking below ground level, which will be counted as well.

Tower 7 was about 1/15 the height of the WTC towers, but it had less area of office space per level because it was only 4 floors high. The WTC towers had 105,000 sq m of office space on each floor (3-8), plus underground parking.

Tower 7 contained a total of 88 offices with 1-6 people in them each - almost exactly the same number as in the 2 WTC towers combined.

The WTC towers were 636 meters high. The core structure was only 93 meters high because the elevator shafts are counted as floors.

Tower 7 had several unusual features: there were four different construction companies contracted to work on it; it had a system of internal trusses for stability, as well as 32 massive steel columns on each side; and there were horizontal aluminium bars in the floors every 22 inches, probably for added stability.

All three towers had curtain walls made of aluminum with a panel of glass infill, three quarters of an inch thick. Concrete was poured from a truck through a pipe running to the top floor. It was run from the bottom floor up, so it would cool slowly and solidify properly. As a result, it took 7 hours to pour each floor. It was impossible to get close enough with cranes for other building sites because of the dust and noise.

The WTC towers were built in 1970-71, forming a 45 degree diagonal line with each other. The two buildings had an ‘X’ shape when viewed from above, resulting in a large central plaza between them. The lower half of Tower 1 went to ground level at this point, storing service vehicles and equipment for the mall area below ground level. The lower half of the WTC 2 terminus was approximately 6 storeys high, and it housed the Post Office. The upper half of Tower 1 was 11 storeys high, and it had an underground garage. The core structure was built from lightweight steel girders that could also support weight from above to enable transportation vehicles to run straight through the center.

Tower 7 was destroyed by a fire caused by a plane crash into its 15th floor at 5:20pm on September 11, 2001, killing all 1,344 occupants.

Figures for each floor are slightly different because they were not all created equal.


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